I have been to many different places to workout and nothing compares to River Flow Yoga. It is welcoming and relaxing and I have never sweat like that during any kind of workout! It centers your mind and body, and I think I finally found my workout home after trial and error at many other places! If you have ever thought about yoga I encourage you to do a drop into class and you will return for more!
— Savanah S.

Who Should Practice Yoga?

Anyone! You just start where you start, and we'll help you get to where you need to go

  • Recovering from an injury? Try Gentle Flow. 
  • Looking to lose weight? Sweaty Flow, Ashtanga Remix, and Core Flow are for you!
  • Suffering from low back pain? Happy Hippy Flow, Core Flow, and Gentle Flow will do the trick.
  • Need to strengthen and lengthen your body? Slow Power Flow, Happy Hippy Flow, and Sweaty Flow will help.
  • Looking for a workout AND deep relaxation? Yoga Basics, Slow Power Flow, and Core Flow are there for you.
  • Feeling stiff from your desk job? Our 6AM classes can start you off right!
  • Looking to calm your mind? Attend ALL our classes!