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Nutrition Essentials: Your Path to a Lighter, Happier You

Poor food choices are one of the leading causes of chronic disease today. Yet, finding healthier food options is often frustratingly confusing and difficult in our community. How can you make positive health changes with all the diet fads, "quick" fixes, conflicting opinions, and the overwhelming sense something isn't quite right with the majority our food at the grocery store?

Let Roben Clark (Nutritional Therapist) and Dana Grant (Wellness Coach) show you how simple it can be to eat well and live a healthier lifestyle with their 3-month Nutritional Therapy course designed to help you develop:

1. Positive habits to nourish your body & soul

2. A new relationship between you and your food

3. The confidence you need to fuel, satisfy, and heal yourself with every meal

Go beyond counting and burning calories to learn HOW you eat affects your ability to succeed in reducing your pant size, increasing your energy, improving your immunity, and much more! 

Earlier Event: September 27
Woodruff Park Yoga
Later Event: October 27