Nutritional Therapy

Eat Well. Feel Well. Live Well

Poor food choices are one of the leading causes of chronic disease today, so it's very important we consume REAL foods - whole foods that are mostly produced and influenced by natural processes. But it's also important to understand how we relate with our food, taking each meal beyond counting and burning calories to a complete experience that's truly nourishing our entire being.

This is the main focus of our Nutritional Therapy program. You'll utilize nutrition science and positive psychology to promote and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, improving your immune system, increasing vital energy flow throughout the body, and feeling comfortable and confident in your own body!

While Nutritional Therapy does not replace medical treatment, it compliments it by correcting nutritional deficiencies, alleviating negative health symptoms, and establishing positive habits to help your body store nurturing compounds and improve positive cellular development.

I was depressed about my weight and was unhappy with my eating habits. I thought some of the food I was eating was healthy but I learned so much about stimulating my metabolism, giving me the energy I need to help me lose weight the right way.

After detoxing and removing problematic foods through elimination, substitutes, and alternatives, I lost 16 pounds!
- Maurine

About Roben Clark

Certified Nutritional Therapist and member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionalism with 60+ CPD hours of Nutritional Therapy training in:

  • Nutrition of Health and Gene Expression
  • Antioxidant Capacity
  • Plant-based foods, Polyphenols, & Phytochemicals
  • Probiotics & Fiber

Roben focuses on individuals new to a whole food and plant-based diets interested in cultivating a more holistic lifestyle.

Every body is unique, and there is no "one size fits all" food diet. Let Roben help you discover the diet that works best for your body and lifestyle!

About Dana Grant


Certified Wellness Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Dana provides an innovative method utilizing practical lifestyle management techniques and over 100 dietary theories, including Ayurveda, gluten-free, Paleo, raw, vegan, and macrobiotics.

Her extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and disease prevention will guide you to make lifestyle changes that deepen your understanding of your self, your lifestyle, and your food choices, so you leave each session feeling inspired and motivated to just BE.

Go beyond food as you're carefully guided to make simple, small lifestyle changes that bring balance to your relationships, career, and more.

As your Wellness Coach, Dana will put the power back in YOUR hands. You've always had it! It's time to rediscover and use it! It's time to BE!

I have never come close to being a health fanatic. Fortunately, I had high metabolism and lots of energy my whole life and was able to physically "pull it off."

Roben introduced me to the right foods, an exercise plan, and gave a lot of good old fashioned spiritual and emotional advice that brought me into the light of today. Today, I LOVE healthy food. Today, I LOVE exercise. Today, I love myself! - Caroline

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