Ashtanga Remix

This dynamic and repetitive vinyasa flow will strengthen your internal focus just as much as your body, making every class a moving meditation. 

You'll begin with five Sun Salutation A, three Sun Salutation B, and then Ashtanga Standing Series. Your teacher will then select a few poses from the Primary and Intermediate Series before ending with the Ashtanga Closing Sequence.

The class uses infrared heating up to 85 degrees.


Gentle Flow

This relaxing and meditative vinyasa flow eases you into deep, restorative postures and long, supportive holds, making this class wonderful for beginners, those in recovery, or anyone else looking for a change of pace from their busy lifestyles.


Core Flow

Your body's core is your powerhouse, and a strong core will support and strengthen all the other parts of your body. Plus, the only way you're going to get that flat stomach is through some good 'ol core work. Trust us, the burn is worth it, and you'll thank yourself for rising to the challenge.

The class uses infrared heating up to 85 degrees.

Last night, I had another amazing, break-through class. I am still thinking about it this morning. I cannot express in words what this place means to me. It is more than just a yoga studio. It is a sanctuary where I find peace and happiness when I need it the most. I am able to do things now I would have never been able to do just months ago. Mentally and physically.

The class was completely full and the energy was through the roof...We all experienced it together. I want to experience this place with everyone. It is a true gift we have this growing community in Columbus. - Katie


Happy Hippy Flow

Our hips are the junk drawers of the body, because it’s in our hips where we hold most our emotions, memories and stress. It's important to our general well-being to clear out any unnecessary junk, so we'll use lots of hip-opening poses and movements to release the tension, stress, and anxiety, as well as relieve any lower back pain.


Slow Power Flow

A mixture of yin/restorative and power yoga, this class begins with a restorative warm-up to prepare your body for vinyasas filled with long holds, which helps you discover the breath connection in each asana while developing greater body awareness.

What brought me to river flow and why do I keep coming back

A friend told me about it and I really wanted me to go with her. I thought yoga was only about slow movements and meditating. They had a special for unlimited classes and by the end it I was loving yoga and decided to keep practicing at River Flow. I keep coming back because I love it and I see myself improving in my practice. - Eliscia


Sweaty Flow

The class builds towards a rapid vinyasa flow. Familiarity with the poses is helpful (but not necessary). It’s going to get sweaty, so bring a towel!

The class uses infrared heating up to 85 degrees.


Yoga Basics

Build a solid foundation for your practice through slower flows and longer holds, becoming familiar with the postures, building strength and endurance, and developing greater body awareness. Whether brand new to yoga or looking to refine an experienced practice, there's something for everyone here, but always remember to listen to your breath and practice at your own pace.

I have been experiencing chronic pain in left knee and hip. I dropped by the studio...and was greeted warmly by Ben and Alee. After explaining my issues Alee quietly explained how yoga could help. No pressure to immediately join. I chose to have a private session with Alee and that was better than 5 stars. I was shown how to adjust the moves for my body's abilities. I've had 3 classes since then and I'm almost pain free. Another bonus is I'm sleeping a 5-6 hours at night without waking up. I used to toss and turn all night long. Great atmosphere, owners, and staff. I'm hooked on yoga. - Marietta

Ready to unroll that mat?