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Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons and with different expectations. Whether it's your first class ever, or you have an experienced practice, or maybe you're just visiting Columbus, please contact our studio, so we can learn more about your reasons for trying yoga and/or our studio. That way, we can ensure you purchase the best pricing option for your needs while easing you comfortably into the flow.  

We want to encourage everyone to develop and maintain a consistent yoga practice, because the more yoga in your life, the better you feel, and when you feel better there's just so much more you can accomplish, love, and experience in your life!

I would tell anyone hesitating to try yoga that you are not too old or too big and you may not be able to do everything someone else is doing but that is ok — it's your practice and you do what you can. Practicing at River Flow is also more than physical improvement, it helps with stress and being able to get out of your own thoughts for an hour and be in the moment during your practice. You will meet some wonderful people, everyone is friendly and welcoming! - Eliscia

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Group Yoga Class Memberships and Passes

As mentioned above, we want to see more people in our community develop and maintain long-term yoga practices. In order to encourage and support this goal, our group yoga class memberships and passes are designed to reward commitment.

Our memberships start as low as $89 per month ($14.83 per class). But in order for us to determine the best membership or pass for you, we need to hear from you. What is your current lifestyle like? Do you have goals and dreams? What are the fears or anxieties that have held you back from reaching those goals and dreams? Where would you like to be in one month, three months, or even in a year? 

When you're ready to fully commit to your health and wellbeing, we will personally help you find the best pricing option for you right now.

Are you ready to feel better?

I was a bit nervous since I was new to yoga, but everyone was very nice and made me feel welcome. The instructors are great and always offer poses for new yogis. The facility is spa-like and very soothing with clean areas, pleasant music, and nice aromas. I feel pampered when I leave! - Angela