Kristi Snyder

Yoga has been in my life on and off for almost a decade, but I didn’t fall head over heels until what I now know as the spiritual awakening of 2016. I had hit a rough patch and lost myself. I was so depressed that I needed lots of adderall just to get out of bed in the morning and various substance cocktails to get away from my thoughts to fall asleep at night. Panic attacks were a regular occurrence in my life and I even invented my own eating disorder called PB-rexia where I relied solely on the sustenance of powdered peanut butter and bad choices. Desperate for healing from having too many problems to exist, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, hoping to find the meaning of life (I’ll get back to you on this one) and where I belonged in the midst of it all.

It ended up being the weirdest, coolest year ever! The highlight reel would include doing The Work with Byron Katie, ecstatic dancing at Kripalu, meditating with Tara Brach at The Omega Institute, and a whole lotta weird shit with weird kindred spirits in woodsy places. One morning in the Hudson River Valley, I attended a sunrise yoga class and for the first time in years, I felt peace. Time stopped racing. I remembered who I really was (and gasp! It was not the person I had been trying to be). I discovered that I actually only had one big problem. I didn’t like myself. After that class, I decided to do yoga every morning whether I felt like it or not. Then very slowly and subtly, I started to like myself a little bit more each day. Then my choices started to change. Then my life started to change.

This stuff was just too good not to share! By late 2016, I found myself embarking on another journey, this time to an exotic stripmall in Auburn, AL at Yogafly Studio where I earned my RYT 200 certification with Peach Friedman, Nicole Agostino, and Megan Riley. These ladies could be astronauts the way that they hold space.

I truly believe my sadhana saved my life. I still get lost from time to time, but I find that I don’t get stuck in the layover of hopelessness for long these days. Yoga always seems to lead me back to my heart.

In my classes, I intend to provide you with a well-balanced asana, adorned with pranayama and sprinkled with meditation, that leaves you walking out with a little more space in your body and in your heart. Perhaps even liking yourself a teeny bit more.

When I am not teaching yoga, I can be found putting my B.S. in Nutrition to good use by creating healthy cold-pressed juices & smoothies at Ride On Smoothie & Juice Bar in Uptown which I co-own with my brother Tim.