Roben Clark


In my past, I suffered from eczema and hormonal issues that negatively affected my physical body and emotions. After battling these conditions for years, I learned of the healing and sustaining powers of food. Once I understood how food impacted my body, the surge of empowerment was real. I then conquered those nagging conditions and had glowing skin and hormonal balance to show for it!

Soon after, I started my journey to become a certified Nutritional Therapist and member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionalism, acquiring over 60 CPD hours of Nutritional Therapy training in:

  • Nutrition of Health and Gene Expression
  • Antioxidant Capacity
  • Plant-based foods, Polyphenols, & Phytochemicals
  • Probiotics & Fiber

My experience includes working with individuals who are new to a whole food/plant-based diet and those who have cultivated a holistic lifestyle through food and natural alternatives.
Every body is unique and, and there is no "one size fits all" food diet. Let me help you discover the food diet that works best for your body and lifestyle.