5 Ways to Prepare your Space & Life for the Spring

The changing of the seasons is among us and whether we believe it or not, nature, the moon, and the stars effect us no matter what. We are literal animals, made of the elements that make up everything: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether… Because we are OF this natural world, we, too, experience the energy of a new season, just like the tree.


The spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, growth, and blooming. We have come to the end of the Astrological Year with Pisces season, which was a time of depth, surrender, and expansiveness. Pisces is governed by the water element, which rules our emotions… so, if you’re like me, you also went through some really deep emotions over the last few weeks… I’m talking like ocean deep. Pisces season pulled me WAY off the surface level and WAY into a deeper understanding of myself, my wants, and needs in order to live a life of purpose, passion, and service. All of this is beautifully designed, though. I was tested beyond belief, but alas the lessons were powerful (they always are if we take the time to actually study those “tests” from the Universe). All of that intensity was preparing us for the BIG BANG of Aries season.

Aries season starts on March 21 and is a time of fearless self expression and vibrant energy. The mantra for Aries season is “I am.” I am period… no labels beyond the sentence. It is stepping into the birth of YOU!!! The natural world is doing the same- blooming, blossoming, expressing. We can feel this outward energy all around us. The sun is shining, the colors are vibrant, and our bodies/souls are responding right along with this shift. So, here are a few simples ways to prepare for the courageous rebirth of your whole being, the blooming of anew, the blossoming of your life:

IMG_0782 (1).JPG
  1. Declutter- this is obvious... but worth a reminder. Everything in our lives holds energy; so that energy builds up like plaque and becomes static when we hold onto things that no longer serve us. SPRING CLEANING. The closet, a drawer, your kitchen… make ample space for growth and abundance- when we hold onto too many things, we are telling the Universe we are already filled up and need nothing more in our lives. You should always have free space- this tells the Universe you are ready to receive!

  2. Smudge- grab your sage bundle and get to smudging. I am currently loving a sage/rosemary blend for energetic cleansing. Sage is a powerful purifier on its own, but combined with rosemary, it welcomes even higher vibrations. Visit moonlit’s recent post for a smudging how-to! (add link)

  3. Clear the dust bunnies out from underneath your bed, chairs, and/or sofa. Again, a no brainer… but really in truly- what is hiding in the unseen? Literally, energetically, and emotionally?

  4. Rearrange- welcome the fresh newness of a new season by rearranging your alter, your bookshelves, or a corner of a room. It doesn’t have to be grand or a total makeover, just freshen your space. You will be amazed at the flow of creative energy just by a slight rearrange. Often times, this is just what we need in our lives- a little rearranging… However, it is hard to notice when things need a little refocus or rearranging when we get stuck in the repetitive rhythm of our lives- so by switching things up in your physical space, we can be sparked in our head, heart, and spiritual spaces as well.

  5. Fresh FLOWERS- bring the new season into your space with the power of the natural world. It will inspire you to welcome blossoming, blooming, and growth in your own life!

Here’s to the new season! May this new page, chapter, or book of your life be the most profound yet. We are gearing up for the ultimate rebirth of Self at River Flow Yoga with our annual April Challenge: 30 Days of Yoga and Meditation with daily emails from yours truly, all designed to encourage a glow from the inside out. Our mantra for this challenge as a community is “I Radiate.” So, kweens and kings- get ready to glow!!!

-Alee Link