Staying Present Through the Holidays

Now is the Time to Give Yourself the Gift of Presence!

In yoga, we often speak of the incredible importance of the present moment. Living in the moment is truly vital to our overall health and well-being. I promise you this: if you commit to living a life of presence, you will be abundantly blessed on so many levels.

Focusing attention on the past, thinking of ways we could've said something different, or chosen another path, we are re-living moments that has already happened, and there is little we can really do to change the past. This becomes detrimental to our health, we will get caught up in our thoughts and memories and ultimately live in our heads, stressing us out or distracting us from what's happening before our very eyes!

Furthermore, the holidays bring so much to do, plan, and buy. Soon we find ourselves focusing on the future. We worry about our finances, our success, our loved ones health/happiness, our entire country, or WILL OUR ENTIRE PLANET BE OK? The short answer... we don't know. But, if we can let go of meticulously controlling our lives, we can go with the flow more often.

TRUST that the Universe does, indeed, have our backs, even when it doesn't seem that way on the surface. Then we may have the glory of living a life of physical, mental, and emotional health that I KNOW will be filled to the brim with the amazing power of love- for yourself and all other beings. That, my dears, is the recipe for happiness! And that's also how we can live in the moment!

This can all begins with a simple ritual of self-care. As a crazy-busy mama of two, trying to stay afloat while also being a yoga teacher, a kind wife, a loving daughter, and good friend, my life often seems like a juggling act.

Enter Journaling. Hallelujah! My saving grace!!!

Journaling is one of the most terrifying things I do. To sit alone and stare at a blank page with only my thoughts is nightmare. BUT, conquering fears is what encourages growth and transformation. Luckily, journaling doesn't have to be so conventional. For me, I LOVE making lists, and I found this brilliant concept created by Moorea Seal, who created some lovely journals encouraging people to create simple lists. While I certainly still find such fulfillment in writing on a blank page, these lists are amazingly approachable and very simple to incorporate journaling into your day or week.

Need More Mindfulness Tips?


Since I'm a nursing six-month-old and an energetic 2.5-year-old, I'm not always guaranteed the time to sit down and write, so these list prompts are perfect for my life. As soon as I feel like I'm dwelling in the past or the future too much in any given time, I grab my journal and make a list, and it is as if all is well in the world again. Then I'm back in the moment, enjoying the small miracles, and trusting that the universe has my back!