The Recipe for Instant Focus and Clarity

If you’re like me, focus is not your strong suit. Rather than saying I have ADD, let’s just say I can’t focus on things I don’t feel like focusing on. Most of the time, this works for me, given that I been gifted a career in a field that fills me with such fierce joy… but sometimes, I have to hunker down and talk about business or money and it SUCKS because I literally CAN’T- enter the power of fire.


Since I was a child, candles have enchanted me with spirit and curiosity. I always wanted to light candles, blow them out, and stick my fingers in the melted wax. I would marvel at how the smooth wax slowly hardened on my fingers and felt oddly divine. Once it had hardened and cooled, I would carefully peel it off, trying to keep the resulting shape of my little finger, and savor the warm sensation it left on my skin, which would feel so soft and nourished. As I grew older, my passion for flames continued and to this day, you will find candles all over the sanctuary of my home and within the sacred walls of my yoga studio. Why? Because the power of fire is literally transformational.

First of all, the fire element represents transformation itself… Anything it touches changes form almost instantly. We hold this element in our 3rd Chakra which lives in and around the navel point, the home of digestion: the process of turning our food into nutrients or waste. This will never stop blowing my mind. FIRE… We use it to cook, stay warm, make tea, on birthday cakes to symbolize a year of growth and transformation, and in sacred ritual.

But how on earth could this element be medicine for my wandering mind? Well, have you ever noticed how when you’re gathered around a fire, you find your gaze instantly drawn, almost as if you actually cannot look away even if you tried. The heat, the energy, the beauty pulls our focus into the flame. This is because of the energetic properties of the fire element- calling us in to focus on the power of shift, change, transformation- to remind us this is not something to fear, but rather to embrace… hence the pure beauty and call of fire.

It’s ability to draw us in and call us to focus on nothing but the flame is quite powerful. I often find I can’t even have a conversation around the fire because I can’t look away. I can focus on nothing but the flame. This is actually a beautiful tool to incorporate in your life to enhance your ability to focus on specific things when it’s really important. Show me numbers and my eyes glaze over. Try to explain something to me over the phone about finances and I’m a puddle of confusion… But, I have gained so much more focus via the power of the flame. So, below you will find a powerful meditation technique that will enhance your focus, bring clarity to the mind, and cleanse the eyes themselves so you see everything in a bit more light.

Trataka Meditation

(Candle Gazing)


1. Begin by finding a seat and lighting a candle. We’re in love with our RFY Candles made locally with loads of love: Raising Vibrations. The candles are totally natural and hold the properties of cleansing negative energy and elevating your connectivity to spirituality thanks to the added Rosemary/Sage blend; so use this specific candle in this meditation and receive a HUGE spiritual bang for your buck! Then say a prayer and/or set an intention for this meditation to bring you deep focus and clarity so your eyes are wide open and intuition awakened. 

2. Take a few deep breaths and blink your eyes a few times, while looking at the flame of the candle. When you feel settled, focus your eyes on the single flame.

3. Stare into the depths of the flame for as long as possible, without blinking. When you think you need to blink, try to keep the eyes open for a bit longer. You’ll continue to stare into the flame until your eyes begin to water, filling with precious tears, which will cleanse the eyes and improve concentration instantly. 

4. Once your eyes fill with tears and you NEED to blink, rub your palms together, creating heat in your hands. Close your eyes and place palms over your eyes. Keep the visual of the flame in your minds eye. Continue to see its depths. Keep the palms over the eyes until the vision of the flame fades away. 

5. Rest your hands on your lap, keeping the eyes soft. Relax the shoulders and jaw. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and bask in the fierce awakening of clarity.

This meditation is simple, yet extremely powerful. If practiced regularly, you may begin to experience heightened intuition, more balance of the nervous system, deeper concentration, and brighter eyesight. This meditation has even been known to help with depression. Sending you clear blessings for focus and concentration. May we see clearly so we hold sacred the things that truly matter in our lives. 

Alee Link