The Studio as Your Sacred Space

We absolutely love the community vibe of our studio. Every day we see people from varied backgrounds and lifestyles smile at each other, embrace, and catch up like they’ve been friends their entire lives. It’s truly a beautiful aspect of our yoga community, which we wish to cultivate even more.

We designed our lobby to be our social area, a space where you can catch up with a fellow yogi or teacher, sip a tea, and relax before class. But as you make your way into the studio, we kindly request you do so quietly, keeping all communications hushed and brief.

Many people treat the studio as a sacred space, and they use their time before class to ease onto their mat and prepare for class with a self-guided warm-up, meditation, pranayama, and/or an intention or prayer.

It’s not easy to find peace in silence, so if you absolutely must chat with another yogi, you will need to exit to the lobby until class is ready to begin. That way, you will not disturb those preparing for class inside the studio.

We thank each and everyone of you for your understanding. You will be amazed at how deeper your practice can go if you approach our studio and your mat as a sacred space.  

Having Trouble Stilling the Mind Before Class?

For more on yoga etiquette, please check out this Yoga International article on the subject.

- Ben Link