Raising Vibrations

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Alee Link, E-RYT500

July 18th - August 1st, 2020

Get ready to experience a complete mind, body, and spirit awakening in the sacred setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia! Alee Link, E-RYT 500, will thoughtfully guide students through a journey of deep self-exploration, integrating the sacred traditions of yoga practice, while immersing ourselves fully in the elements of our natural world.

Alee believes we cannot teach what we do not know, therefore this immersion-style yoga teacher training will ignite an internal flame within us to help you understand the practice, tradition, and sacred elements of this Earth. Until we fully FEEL the integration for ourselves, we cannot begin share it with others.

Through the training, deep study, thorough exploration, and loads of practice, each student will understand the craft of teaching yoga. Expect to learn:

  • The Sacred Tradition

  • The 5 Yoga Bodies (Koshas)

  • The 8 Limbed Path

  • Power of Alignment & Anatomy

  • Yoga Tools

  • The Gift of Breath

  • How to BE in Meditation

  • The Craft of Sequencing

  • Kind Adjustments

  • Raising Vibrations

  • And MORE!

Students will learn the depths of above subjects, how to LIVE a yogic life, and how to bring it all together to teach and share with others! This training will fully prepare students to TEACH, even if your path is merely to teach yourself… You will leave feeling alive, awake, and courageous!

This is a complete immersion into the practice and our natural surroundings. We will be living together, practicing the essence of yoga (union) at the Elohee Retreat Center, which is “a home, rooted in nature, for deepening human awareness, facilitating the healing of mind and body, and transforming individuals and society.” What a perfect space to surrender into the flow of our lives in order to be of service to others. The mountains, the elements, and the power of community will come together beautifully to provide a space for learning, exploration, connectivity, and healing. Students will walk away from this Teacher Training with the confidence to teach, a deeper understanding of the practice, a stronger relationship with themselves, and an awakened soul. So, y’all, be prepared to reawaken to the divinity of this life and then go out and share it with the world for the greater good of all!


This journey is FULL. Expect the schedule to be sunrise-sunset, which means not only should the body be healthy and able, but your mind as well. I ask that you have willingness to participate, share, and listen. And of course when spending 2 weeks with a group of people from different backgrounds, different ages, stories, and personalities: a sense of humor!


  • 18 and older

  • Have practiced yoga in designated studio for 6 months minimum prior to training start date.

  • Willingness to open your mind and heart in order to deepen your practice.

  • Desire to expand your yogic and philosophical knowledge.



What are the dates for the Raising Vibrations 200hr Teacher Training?

July 18th - August 1, 2020

Check in time is 3PM on Saturday, July 18th. Check out time is noon on Saturday, August 1st.

What are the Tuition, Room & Board Rates?

Rates include tuition, lodging, meals, grounds use fee, 15% hospitality tax, Georgia’s $5/room/night Hotel-Motel Fee and credit card fees.

Large Room/Private Bath (Single Occupancy) $5,280
Large Room/Private Bath (Double Occupancy/per person) $4,080 (per person…2 people per room)
Small Room (1 Twin Bed) Shared Bath $4,240
Tent Camping, Shared Bath $3,160

Amenities include a large stone fire ring for evening outdoor activities; a natural reflection pond; a spa facility for individual bodywork; a gift shop; and miles of hiking trails which include a hike to a 100-ft. waterfall.

Is there an option for payment arrangements, or must you pay all at once?

TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT (please read carefully!):

non-refundable $500 cash/check/card deposit is required to River Flow Yoga and Wellness. This goes towards your tuition. Thereafter, you are welcome to make payments on your own schedule. At the absolute LATEST: 50% of your total tuition is due June 19, 2020, to RFY. After paying 50% of tuition, payments can be made up until one week prior to your check-in date.

Cancellation policy*: It is our goal to make this training intimate and limited. The work we will be doing together is no joke. Please consider heavily! Once committed, you will not receive your deposit back, but know when you commit WE ARE 100% COMMITTED TO YOU! Your deposit is the ONLY way to reserve your space. If you cancel before June 12th, 2020, tuition paid (minus the deposit) will be returned. If you cancel after June 12th, 2020, no monies will be returned.

*We understand the Universe works it strange, unpredictable ways. For our military, if you're deployed, we get it. If you're in an accident and unable to physically move, we get it. "We're not monsters!" -Alee

Click Here to learn more about the Raising Vibrations Scholarship.

What time should I arrive at Elohee?

You will receive an email about 2 weeks prior with directions and check-in information. You will drive there and leave your car at the base of the mountain in a secure parking lot.  There is a shuttle that will take you to the top of the mountain where the lodging is located. The cars are within walking distance (about 10-minutes), but there is a 24 hours shuttle if you’d prefer not to walk.

What time will we depart on our last day of training?

We will have breakfast, a morning practice, closing remarks, and lunch. You are allowed to leave immediately following.

Are students required to stay the entire time?

There is no room to skip days… if it is an emergency, Alee will do her best to help student make up what they missed. We will be on a strict schedule.

Also, students can expect about 20 hrs of practice teaching and coaching with me after the program. If they are not from Columbus, this can be done via skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp.

What meals will be provided during teacher training? Are students able to specify dietary requirements and restrictions?

Each student will be provided with 3 meals per day. The meals will be vegan and vegetarian based, with egg and some meat options available.   The registration form has a field to select dietary requirements, with an additional field to provide details.

Is alcohol allowed during training?

Elohee is an alcohol-free facility.

Will there be internet access on the property?

There is no internet access at the Bald Mountain Center. You will need to bring your own hotspot if you wish to connect to the internet.

Massages are available and can be arranged by selecting the massage option on the reservation page.

Is there a laundry facility available?

Laundry service is available for $10/load.  Someone will pick up the laundry from your room and deliver it back within 24 hours (usually much shorter time than that).  

Is there required reading for teacher training?

There is required reading for your training. The reading list and amazon links are listed below. You may purchase either hard copies or ebooks.

Yoga Beyond Belief- Ganga White (Please read in advance)

Functional Anatomy of Yoga- David Keil

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali- Swami Satchitananda

Yoga Sequencing- Mark Stephens

The Art of Living: Peace and Freedom in the Here and Now- Thich Nhat Hanh