We absolutely ADORE the community at RFY!


I have been experiencing chronic pain in my left knee and hip. I dropped by the studio a couple of weeks ago and was greeted warmly by Ben and Alee. After explaining my issues Alee quietly explained how yoga could help. No pressure to immediately join. I chose to have a private session with Alee and that was better than 5 stars. I was shown how to adjust the moves for my body's abilities. I've had 3 classes since then and I'm almost pain free. Another bonus is I'm sleeping a 5-6 hours at night without waking up. I use to toss and turn all night long. Great atmosphere, owners, and staff. I'm hooked on yoga. - Marietta

I am smitten! This is my first experience with yoga and I find it a kindred pleasure to explore all areas of me, explosively with SWEAT or intensely with EXPAND, my favorites😊. I am allowed breathing space in this foundationally structured free expression that ignites spirit and body to respond to my soul, all that is within me; dark and light! I am quite satisfied. I highly recommend. - Arlene

I like how often classes are offered throughout the day, as well as the variety of classes offered, from the basics to more rigorous exercise. Makes finding an opportunity to attend a class so much more doable. The ambiance of the studio is that of a spa. Ambiance is important for me. Especially, at a place of relaxation and "me time". Such a beautiful studio - really helps to put your mind in the right place. It's also really nice of the studio to provide back-up mats, mat cleaner and essential oils in the restroom. Ooh, and, complementary hot tea.Such kind and generous gestures, inspire a welcoming and open environment. Staff are also super friendly and helpful, yet chill and genuine. I appreciate the help with poses during class, along with the positive dialogue. And the end-of-class little massages and chimes are so relaxing. By the end of class, no matter how vigorous it may have been, I feel like I do at the end of a relaxing meditation or massage. The teachers go above and beyond. Amazing. I love the music that's played during class. Also LOVE the lessons and stories that are shared throughout classes. It's my third class in and I've already had a couple ah-ha moments that have allowed me to rid some worry and stress and negative internal talk and all that. Amazing. Thank you! So much intention and work must go into creating this environment and providing all that is provided to your students. This is so much more than a yoga studio. For the third time - amazing. Thank you for all you do and for providing this life-changing resource. Thank you is not enough. Ooh, also love that these extra workshops are offered. So helpful. Can't wait to try them out. And the monthly automatic payment, unlimited class price is such a great (and affordable deal) deal. You guys rock! Thank you! - Katye

When I moved to the south, from the Midwest, people kept asking me if I had a church. Finally I have one… River Flow Yoga and Wellness! RFY is full of the most inspiring, compassionate and fearless leaders. They teach you to work in as well as work out! And if you allow it, every class is more inspirational than the last. Life-changing place they created at Riverflow! Even my husband (beginner yogi) is forever changed after each class! - Jamie

I craved a yoga community so badly. I never really got close to anyone here, because I knew we would leave soon. But I know that I speak for a lot of military wives & service members, that having a yoga oasis (that you created) is such a calm to the soul. Keep up the very important work you and Ben are doing. - Rachel

My wife encouraged me to try River Flow - she had been trying to get me interested in yoga for several years. After meeting with Alee we decided to do some private lessons to get a good start in some basics. At my age - 66 - it was hard to imagine exactly what I was in for. 9 lessons later it was on! Now, almost 3 years later, I am stronger and more flexible than I ever believed I would be at 68. It's been a great experience. Ben and Alee are super! - Gary