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FALL into Ayurveda

Commonly known as the sister science to yoga, the system of Ayurveda was developed in India over 5,000 years ago and is still highly respected as "the mother of all systems of health and medicine." With the changing of seasons, we will learn how to scientifically respect the cyclical rhythm of nature and our center (prakriti) by exploring basic Ayurvedic wisdom and ways to easily incorporate this life-changing practice into your life for more vibrancy, longevity, and immunity for the mind, body, and spirit.

You will learn:

-The basic history & philosophy of the "Science of Life"

-Your specific Dosha (or constitutional makeup) and how to respond to it to reduce dis-ease from your life

-The elements of the Doshas

-How Autumn plays a role in your overall wellbeing and how to stay balanced during the changing of the seasons

You will take home:

-Ayurveda 101 handout

-Fall Ayurveda Recipe for Immunity

-Autumn inspired Ayurvedic Yoga & Meditation guide to practice at home

-Empowerment to take control of your own health and the courage to begin healing from the inside out!

After an information session, expect a juicy vinyasa flow + meditation, designed to bring you balance and comfort as the seasons change.

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