Alee Link


My aunt invited me to my first yoga class when I was 12 years old, and it was love at first asana. Growing up as a dancer, yoga simply felt right. During college, I took classes at Yoga to the People in NYC’s East Village, and it was there I discovered how the breath unites us not only with ourselves, but with our community. For me, the breath is a reminder we are all one and fully connected to the universe.

By the summer of 2011, I completed my 200-hour RYT certification from the White Lotus Foundation, where studied under Ganga White, Tracy Rich, Kent Bond and Sven Holcomb. In February 2017, I became RYT-500 certified through Asheville Yoga Center's 300-hour program.

My teaching style and personal practice is very fluid. I have a deep connection with the water element, and, like water, my asana practice lends itself to attuning with our natural desire for flow and movement.  Also, my children, Willow and Kai, continually inspire me to celebrate each moment and live fully in the present moment, which I share with my students.


Ben Link


My first yoga class was in 2008, and I not only fell in love with the practice but also my teacher. It was Alee (of course). But it wasn’t until I began meditating when things finally began to click in my life. Since then, my perspective has shifted dramatically.

After years managing behind the scenes at RFY, I finally set out for Yoga Teacher Training at the White Lotus Foundation in March of 2017. The training experience re-balanced my spirit and re-established my deep love for yoga, and I'm excited to integrate this new focus into my being and share it with my community. 

I intend to develop a physically balancing class, inspired by my past-experience playing soccer at the international and collegiate level. But I also wish to cultivate mindfulness through guided meditations and pranayama, repetitious movements, and long holds. 

Besides teaching at and managing RFY, I am a certified permaculture designer and a member of the Feeding the Valley Board of Directors and on the steering committee for Georgia Food Oasis - Columbus, which is part of my mission to support sustainable agriculture and biophilic developments throughout the Greater Columbus region.


Candi Hale


I fell in love with yoga instantly, because it simultaneously gave me peace of mind and better health. I have been involved with yoga and its discipline on and off throughout the years, but only recently have I been able to focus my energies into my practice to go deeper than ever before.

As RFY's Yoga Adviser, I intend to help each student and guests select the best pricing option for their needs, create and track health goals, help ameliorate pain, and guide people to the most appropriate classes to reach their goals.

In my life, I have felt a desire to be a part of something greater than myself. I believe that I can fulfill this desire through my personal yoga practice and helping everyone who enters the studio.

Charlotte Gallagher


"Yoga is not about touching your toes. It's about what you learn on the way down."

The first time I truly tried yoga was on the rooftop of a hostel in Guadalajara, Mexico.  I know, exotic right?  Some friends showed me some postures, and I remember sweating my butt off and feeling so alive afterwards that I decided to continue a steady practice in Austin, TX where I lived at the time.  Gradually I started to notice how much yoga and breathing techniques reduced my anxiety attacks that I had been struggling with since I was 13 years old.

In 2012 I earned my RYT200 certification from Shambhava Yoga in Kona, HI. I usually go big or go home.  Since then I have taught over 1,500 hours (E-RYT200) to all levels and age groups and received my 300 hour certification (RYT500) in Yoga Therapeutics from the Wilmington Yoga Center in Wilmington, NC which emphasizes more towards private sessions to those with specific needs: trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, difficulty breathing, and injuries. I'm also trained to teach Core Strength Vinyasa from world renowned teacher Sadie Nardini and Budokon Yoga, a mixed movement arts system from movement expert Cameron Shayne.  During the summers I teach Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga on the Chattahoochee River.

I strongly emphasize that yoga is all about about calming the mind - the body, postures, and breathwork are just the tools you use to get there.  The flexibility, balance, and strength are by-products of the work you do on your mat.  Everyone has a different skeleton and varying degrees of flexibility so you CHOOSE what variation of a posture is right for you and own it.

I'm big on breath awareness to calm the mind, moving slowly and mindfully into and out of postures, smart alignment, and core awareness.  Being an athlete my classes will have that athletic, kick your butt edge to build strength and resiliance, but I can also teach a "put you in a coma" Gentle Flow class.  In all classes I promise to balance you out with flexibility work (I understand tight hamstrings!) and a much deserved savasana (relaxation pose).

When I'm not yoga-ing, you can find me running or riding my road bike on the Riverwalk, hanging out in Uptown, doing ninja warrior training, making and selling homemade essential oil products, reading and writing, watching Impractical Jokers, walking my precious black lab Lando, or satiating my travel bug.

Yoga is a LIFELONG PRACTICE and is truly for everyone whether you're just practicing breathing or going to sweaty flow. IT'S ALL BENEFICIAL.  Whenever we come to our mats it's an opportunity to let go of the negative voices and thoughts in our head, to change our reactions to bodily sensations understanding we are human and it's normal to have them, to create more SPACE in the mind and body, to open our hearts to ourselves and to others, to let go of anger and past, painful memories, to be in the present moment, to let go of anger and unhealthy habits, to SLOW DOWN in this instant gratification world, to build equanimity, to build confidence and self-love, to REMEMBER who we are, to recognize our spirit!, to celebrate our breath, movement, our aliveness, to cleanse from the inside out, to STAY HEALTHY FOR YEARS TO COME, and to ultimately FEEL GOOD and KNOW FREEDOM.


Hamit Martinez

Hamit Martinez

When I first stepped inside RFY, I was first struck by how calming it was just being in such a serene atmosphere. After a few days, I saw how happy and content people seemed after each class.


I've always been interested in yoga. From the way it affects the senses as well as the mind to the effect it has on a daily routine, but, for me, the best part is seeing how it can apply to anyone regardless of any social barriers. Seeing everyone come together for about an hour to go on a personal journey together is truly what makes me appreciate yoga and the studio as a whole.

Most my friends cannot believe I find such joy in going to work, but experiencing the tranquility and joviality of others while working the front desk is where I find joy in my job.

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Maureen Conway

I took my first yoga class with my mom when I was about 18. We both went in skeptical and came out completely sore, but eager to try again and learn more about the practice. 

I continued to take yoga classes sporadically, but didn’t find its true place in my life until I began my career teaching elementary music in Michigan. As much as I loved my job and my students, I came home every night completely drained from the stress of the day and affected by the negative people in my life. 

I tried a power vinyasa yoga studio and it instantly became exactly what I needed. I went straight to yoga every day after school, and quickly discovered that I had been craving a space to clear my head and focus on myself, physically and emotionally. I had been giving so much energy to other people’s problems that I lost myself in the process. Yoga continues to help me find balance and peace, on and off the mat. 

Upon moving from Michigan to Columbus, my first thought was “Where am I going to do yoga??” I feel so grateful to have found River Flow as my yoga home. Yoga is a community effort, and this community is welcoming, supportive, and so full of love!


Ali Nolan


I began my yoga journey in 2013 after graduating college and moving back to Upstate NY to live with my parents. In an attempt to avoid a quarter-life crisis, I found yoga. Yoga was a reliable escape and brought balance to an otherwise chaotic time of working non-stop and caring for my mom who was recovering from brain surgery. When I first began my practice, yoga was the only true “me” time in my schedule and the ultimate form of self-care. Over the years, I was able to devote more and more of my time to yoga and the transformation that occurred truly saved me. I learned how to handle my stress and my (sometimes) controlling-nature to become a more grounded and centered human. 

One of the most important lessons yoga has taught me in the last few years is that we must always stay curious. We must always ask questions. We must always push the boundaries of what we think we can or should do. In the spring of 2017, I completed my 200 hour training through Bliss Body Yoga in Raleigh, North Carolina to receive my RYT-200 certification. It was through my training that I became a bit of an anatomy nerd and learned to appreciate the beauty of proper alignment. In my classes you will find a focus on linking body + breath to release tension and expand the mind. I am a firm believer that working out the kinks in your physical body will eventually work out any kinks in your mind & soul. 

Since moving to Columbus in Fall of 2017, I have called River Flow Yoga & Wellness my home. I am so blessed to be a part of this magical community! When I’m not teaching yoga at River Flow, you can find me drinking a big ol’ cup of matcha at home or hiking local trails with my rescue pup, Liberty. 

Kay Lee

I first became interested in yoga in 2016. At the time, I had began my weight loss journey and early on I found myself obsessing over the number on the scale rather than building a stronger foundation for my everyday life. I discovered yoga and thought ‘ this will at least get me flexible and relaxed ‘, which was true, but I wasn’t expecting for my entire life to transform once I started to understand what I was actually practicing!

River Flow Yoga has been that perfect guide to a deeper understanding. The studio always feel like home when I step in to pracrice! When Im not doing yoga or working out, you can catch me at the desk every morning greeting the tribe.