Madeline McBride

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The way I fell in love with yoga was a slow process for myself. The first time I arrived at the mat was during a hot yoga class with the mindset that I was going for the physical benefits of the class. Of course, I gravitated towards the practice for this sole reason but, the whirlwind of life came in and pulled me away, and my visits to the mat became sporadic. It wasn’t until a few years ago I came back to the mat to release stress and tension of my body that I found my breath working with the Asanas that I fell in love and continued arriving at my mat with curiosity and digging deeper into the practice.

In my practice and teaching, I focus on mindful movement, deep yogic breathing practices, and how the two intertwine with one another. It is my goal to encourage students to come as they are and help aid them in their personal evolution and feel themselves expand in all directions on and off the mat.