Ben Link


My first yoga class was in 2008, and I not only fell in love with the practice but also my teacher. It was Alee (of course). But it wasn’t until I began meditating when things finally began to click in my life. Since then, my perspective has shifted dramatically.

After years managing behind the scenes at RFY, I finally set out for Yoga Teacher Training at the White Lotus Foundation in March of 2017. The training experience re-balanced my spirit and re-established my deep love for yoga, and I'm excited to integrate this new focus into my being and share it with my community. 

I intend to develop a physically balancing class, inspired by my past-experience playing soccer at the international and collegiate level. But I also wish to cultivate mindfulness through guided meditations and pranayama, repetitious movements, and long holds. 

Besides teaching at and managing RFY, I am a certified permaculture designer and a member of the Feeding the Valley Board of Directors and on the steering committee for Georgia Food Oasis - Columbus, which is part of my mission to support sustainable agriculture and biophilic developments throughout the Greater Columbus region.