Maureen Conway

I took my first yoga class with my mom when I was about 18. We both went in skeptical and came out completely sore, but eager to try again and learn more about the practice. 

I continued to take yoga classes sporadically, but didn’t find its true place in my life until I began my career teaching elementary music in Michigan. As much as I loved my job and my students, I came home every night completely drained from the stress of the day and affected by the negative people in my life. 

I tried a power vinyasa yoga studio and it instantly became exactly what I needed. I went straight to yoga every day after school, and quickly discovered that I had been craving a space to clear my head and focus on myself, physically and emotionally. I had been giving so much energy to other people’s problems that I lost myself in the process. Yoga continues to help me find balance and peace, on and off the mat. 

Upon moving from Michigan to Columbus, my first thought was “Where am I going to do yoga??” I feel so grateful to have found River Flow as my yoga home. Yoga is a community effort, and this community is welcoming, supportive, and so full of love!