by Charlotte Gallagher

Put down your phone
Look me in the eyeballs
And tell me you love me
Before it's too late
Even if it's hard
Please don't look away
We have so much, so much to say
Let's put down our shields
And feel each other's skin
Feel the energy
Where oh where have we been?
Distracted by stimulants, alcohol, and screens
Today is the day to make a change
To decide to be free or to live in a cage
To break the habits that tear us up inside
To be kind
To take deep breaths and unwind
Start at the heart and work our way through
For it's never too late to start anew
I dare you
I dare you to say I love you and it not mean a thing
It's always relieving what love can bring
Let go
Let go of the shit we hold inside
It'll be amazing to then see what we can find
Buried beneath our skin, muscles, and bones
If we can get the hell out of our phones
I love you
I love you
I love you
Say it often, say it well
We are in charge of our future
Based off what we do in the now
We can decide when, where, and how
See the colors, see the light
Say I love you with all your might
Be the person you wish to be
And I promise, I promise you'll be free
Still not sure?
It's okay
Sit on your mat and pray
Or meditate
It's all the same
Clear your head before you make a move
Then move and speak from a place of love
That will be so real, so raw, so true
You'll never want to go back to that dark place you used to live
Your heart will burst open to receive and to give
For we are here for connection
Not perfection
We just need a new direction
I love you
I love you
I always will
Now look into my eyes and watch time stand still
This is why we're here
Right here