Every week we welcome people who are absolutely brand new to yoga and group yoga classes. We completely understand how starting something new can be intimidating, especially if you don’t really know what to expect in your first class.

But don’t worry! Although yoga can be challenging, it really isn’t about doing the poses “perfectly.” Our teachers are there as guides, but it’s up to you to listen to your body and practice at your own pace and comfort level. Don't know how? Again, it's nothing to be anxious about! Just reach out to your teachers and our entire staff with any questions or concerns, so we can help you get comfortable ASAP!

Intro to RFY

14 Days of Unlimited Yoga Classes

$30 to Get Started

Includes free mat and complimentary tea!

Limited Time Offer Only!

We want you feeling better than you did before walking into class, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to change into something you are not. You are you and you start where you start. At first, it may feel uncomfortable to enter a room full of strangers and move in ways you might not have in years, but no one's going to judge you for learning something new, or what your body can and cannot do, or for seeking relief from pain, or, really, for anything at all. 

Our studio is a safe place to re-discover who you truly are, what you're capable of, and how to find peace from within.

Yeah, that might sound deep to someone who just wants to increase flexibility or get a quick workout, but after a few classes we hope you’ll begin to understand what yoga can do for your entire life, and how a consistent practice will open doors to new possibilities and experiences you never thought possible!

I was a bit nervous since I was new to yoga, but everyone was very nice and made me feel welcome. The instructors are great and always offer poses for new yogis. The facility is spa-like and very soothing with clean areas, pleasant music, and nice aromas. I feel pampered when I leave! - Angela


What You'll Need for Class:

  • Comfortable fitness clothes

  • Covered water bottle (no glass)

Essential Tips for Beginners:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early, and introduce yourself at the front desk

  • Come hydrated and stay hydrated

  • Avoid heavy meals and caffeine before class

  • We have mats and props, but please use your own if you have them!

  • Notify your teacher/staff of current injuries, discomfort, or anxieties

  • Wash off all makeup and avoid wearing strong fragrances

  • Turn off all electronic devices and leave outside the studio

  • Enter the studio quietly and respect the peace before class

  • Listen to your body/breath and don't force yourself

  • Enter restful postures if tired, dizzy, or exhausted

My advice to someone considering yoga:

Understand it's not easy. Be ready for the work. Be committed. Be patient. The studio vibe is great. We love the sincerity and commitment of all the staff. True believers. My wife and I are very glad to be a small part of the River Flow Yoga success story. - Gary D.

Workout for Your Mind, Body, and Soul




Yoga is very effective at improving and maintaining positive mental, psychological, and cognitive abilities. Through the postures and focused breathe work, practitioners can clear tension and stress, reduce anxiety and depression, enhance memory and concentration, prevent the onset of complex mental health conditions, and even reduce the effects of traumatic experiences.

A consistent yoga practice will cultivate greater awareness and a calmer mind, which, in turn, will provide great value to your life off the mat.



A yoga practice can help you achieve many positive physical benefits including increased flexibility, improved posture and alignment, weight loss, increased muscle strength and tone, enhanced athletic performance, boosted immunity, lowered blood pressure, improved sleep quality, and much more!

Yoga may also assist the healing and rehabilitation process for the injured or those afflicted by chronic or degenerative conditions by helping to reduce discomfort, improve cellular health, increase natural mobility, and boost vital energy flow.



There is a part of us beyond our mental/physical existence that is energetic in nature, and yoga can promote the circumstances in which we become aware of and even consciously connect with this aspect of our self that brings even greater opportunities for healing, clarity, peace, and connection.The ability to transcend our daily distractions and connect directly with our soul is what gives yoga its depth, giving the practitioner a chance in every class to dig a little deeper, remove obstacles and false beliefs, and live more of their authentic self!

I'm a very shy person and have always been intimated by those who are more athletic than I am. River Flow is such a judgmental-free-zone that I feel comfortable doing exactly what my body needs that day, whether it's trying a new pose, going more intense in a pose, or just taking it easy for the day. I've also greatly enjoyed how much of a workout I get from the classes; they really get my blood pumping and sweat dripping! - Kaylyn