Why Prayer Works

By Alee Link

It is no coincidence that every religion believes in the power of prayer. It is also no coincidence that it works for all religions, no matter their word for the idea of "God."

I grew up loosely going to a Methodist church and while we weren't huge "church-goers," I found great comfort in what I learned about prayer. Even as a kid, I remember doing it often. My prayers were not memorized from the ones we recited in church, but rather conversations with something or someone larger than I could really understand and to be perfectly honest, that is what my prayer practice still looks like today.

I have noticed a huge shift lately in the wellness space, geared toward the power of manifestation. And y'all, let me just tell you... it works. But, like anything else, you have to practice and actually DO IT. You see, everything is energy- you know that feeling when you walk into a room and an argument has just occurred and you can feel that something is off? Or when you leave a person and you can still feel the essence of their being, even though they aren't physically there? Have you ever been thinking of someone and all of a sudden they text you? Energy. 

Energy is everywhere and in everything, especially our thoughts. To me, our thoughts are purely prayers. What we think is what we see unfolding in our lives. So this is why manifestation and prayer works because what we put out is always what we get back. For example, lets say you are single and you desperately want a partner. You think about this a lot- the perfect mate- but you are constantly thinking about the fact that you DON'T have a partner. You talk about how your life is lacking in the relationship department, you worry about when it's going to happen for YOU, and you might even pray about it: saying "why me?" The answer to me of why you can't seem to find your partner is pretty clear. We so often put our energy toward the things in life we are lacking. Ambi Sitham, my favorite astrologer, calls this the Lack Syndome, where we focus on what we don't have instead of finding gratitude for what we do have. So, in the given scenario, I would ask: why is it that I so desperately want a partner? Is it for love? Is it because I think that's what needs to happen in my life based on my age and biological clock, therefore, causing me to want the feeling of acceptance? Is it security? All of those answers and reasons are completely valid, but we have to acknowledge and come to terms with the ROOT- the real reason we're looking for this or that in our lives. Once we come to terms with the root, we can then respond and act from a place of deep understanding and love. 

Prayer works, but we must learn to pray and think with raw authenticity. Our society (myself included) is terrified to get REAL with ourselves... And I don't mean real in a way that we show our flaws, our messy kitchens, or our toddlers having a meltdown on social media... I mean getting REAL with ourselves. When you think about setting intentions and the things you want to manifest in your life, we must ask the question: WHY do I want this? Sometimes (for me, most of the time), the answer sucks, is uncomfortable and so hard to hear, but WE HAVE GOT TO GET DOWN AND DIRTY WITH OUR TRUTH.

So, yes- prayer works- no matter whom or what you're praying to. Y'all, it even works if your god is the trees and the ocean. PRAYER WORKS because it is an exchange of energy. Like I said before, and so many have said before me, what you put out is what you get back. I can't tell you how many times I hear "I just don't understand why this always happens to me?!?" Simple answer: what you put out is what you get back. The time is now to get raw, honest, and uncomfortable with YOURself. Why is it that you want THIS job? Why is it that you want to make THIS much money? Why is it you want THIS type of person for your partner. Ask yourself WHY. Take time to listen to YOUR answer and then know that prayer is energy.

Begin to notice when you see these same thought patterns pop up over and over again. Resist the urge to fight the thoughts or judge yourself for the thoughts and instead honor them, get to the root of why you're thinking this and remind yourself that thoughts are prayers, they are beautiful exchanges of energy and when right intention is behind said thoughts and prayers, you will not believe the magic you will see in your life.

In order to reap the benefits of prayer, though, we must practice and respect the process. Life will unravel as its meant to, even if its not the way we hoped and dreamed and we don't have much control over that... but we do have control over how we think, pray, and react. This is POWERFUL. We can actually co-create, with the Universe/God, the life of heart's dreams if we take the time to get REAL and RAW.

I encourage you all to take this opportunity to slow down and tune in. My favorite way to gather my thoughts and pray with right intention is through yoga and meditation. When thoughts are swirling and/or things seem to be overwhelming in my life, it's time to CHECK-IN. I like to hop on my mat and become aware of my body, breath, feelings, and surroundings. I take time to notice my connection with all that is and experience the undeniable feeling of the exchange of energy. Prayer and manifestation WORK, but YOU have to do the work... it's not as easy as saying a fluffy prayer to god- you must get honest and raw. I know so many of you reading this now are saying, I feel like I am real; I am living my truth and y'all, I'm right there with you! But then I take time to really check-in and notice things in my deepest core that shock me. You can do it, yogis, but the thing is- you have to DO it.

Prayer works because when you start the work and honor the power of heart over thinking mind, you begin to see even the hardest situations as opportunities. Then we learn how to react to the things we cannot control. But, please know that this powerful energy lies in your hands. You really can have the life of your dreams through the work of prayer because energy is literally everything. Get raw, get honest, and start talking to the Universe. She is ALWAYS listening!!!

Sending blessings for the most pure prayers and manifestations in your life!